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Important notice on the role & value of external knowledge and intelligence ..

The accuracy of our approach stems mainly from the unique way we connect our (1) own data analysis, (2) comprehensive trend monitoring, (3) intelligence and (4) holistic analysis. Based on neoclassical* economic research & data analysis, we gain an edge through data transformations at macro and meta-levels. Just as we analyze data series only based on a macroeconomic theoretical rationale, we use intelligence gathering only to confirm our own comprehensive analytical conclusions (prioritized along causality, plausibility and induction), not to obtain “leads”.  We also avoid and reject Conspiracy Theories, because these tend to discourage proactive comprehensive analysis and remove the necessary respect we should have for our political and business leaders. Also because Conspiracy Theories can jeopardize or undermine National Security. Although such powerful individuals with evil controlling intent might exist, focusing on them is counterproductive, and overlooks the multiple global forces that (currently) dwarf any individual or group of individuals. Christian maintains that sound geopolitical macro analysis was able to explain most strategic moves by nations since the end of the Cold War. As is evident by the useful predictions this broader macro approach has helped to yield since 2011.

Takushi upholds the biblical commands to respect our government leaders and to keep distance from those spreading hatred, mockery, slander and division between brethren. Takushi also acknowledges the right of every nation to pursue her geo-strategic interests with the means at her disposal, focusing on understanding their cultural mindset and religious beliefs. This balanced approach allows him to better predict the strategic moves by the USA, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Australia, Israel .. as well as Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil etc. Why don’t we rely that much on intelligence, news, official data or insiders? There is more systematic disinformation than pure information out there. Too many Think Tanks and political analysts rely on their close connection to some personality or insider, but many such people are targets of disinformation. Independence is our cornerstone: Takushi researches independently of any government or institution that depends on government funding. Governments use money to advance their interests via Think Tanks and Research Institutes. A vast amount of geopolitical analysis is unfortunately done by persons that are financed one way or the other by governments, or have such a background. Finally, Takushi doesn’t emphasize hiring or controlling knowledgeable people, he rather cherishes their independence from him and focused on access to their knowledge without strings attached. Mutual respect for different views and professions keeps his network alive and growing.

  • note: neoclassical theory is conservative in essence, stringent in causality and does not indulge in modern-day experimental econometrics

Regarding other contributors, it is not possible to list all those contributing to this research effort, nevertheless we want to show appreciation to some of them:

Advisory Board (Leadership, Vision, Integrity):
Dominique Fässler Former Swiss Top Executive of leading Multinational Firm
Abraham Maldonado Former US Marines Officer and FBI special agent (Gulf War veteran)
Christian Takushi MA UZH Macro Economics Investment specialist for Asia, Emerging Markets and Geopolitics
Markus Schiess Dipl. BÖ, M-Consulting AG Management Consultant & Auditor
Agape Treuhand & Revisons AG Administration & Buchhaltung
SoundsWrite GmbH Website projects
Rachel L. Takushi BA(Hons) UCE Int.Design Design & Communications
Jorge & Monica Takushi IT Consultant & Programmer
Dr. jur. Markus Frick LL.M., Walder Wyss AG Legal adviser
Independent research contributors, thought-leaders and brainstormers: (list is not complete)
Patrick Hennig, Dipl. BWL Top executive working in Emerging Markets
Thomas Härter, Dipl.Volkswirt, CEFA Seasoned Investment Strategist & Macro Economist
Boris Papa, MA UZH, AZEK Economist & consultant, econometric analyst
Jeff Petty, MBA Investment banker and expert in the oil industry
David Schane MA Int. Relations, Dr. International classical concert pianist, expert in finance & foreign relations
André Schneider ECOLINT Seasoned multicultural business leader, expert in diplomacy & country risks
Ryushi Watanabe, BA in Policy Mgt Investment banker & Asia expert
Raimondo del Balzo di Presenzano, CFA Hedge Fund specialist, analyst
Gergana Yancheva, MBA Financial analyst
Note & disclaimer: The list above is not complete. The advisors and contributors shown here are independent and the views they share with us are their personal opinion only. Thanks to this knowledge-based research approach the independent personal perspective of every specialist adds value to Christian Takushi. We don’t try to change each other’s opinions, but rather to benefit from different & competing views and the multidisciplinary network. As a result these individuals may not necessarily agree with Christian’s final conclusions. Neither does Christian necessarily agree with their views or their articles. Christian is always taking into account inputs and feedbacks submitted by other specialists in several global networks. Inputs can flow in around the clock, every day of the year. They allow Christian to test his theorems and to continually improve the status of his analysis. Only part of that integrated knowledge is released on this website in certain time intervals. Web-based global collaborative knowledge across disciplines is changing the speed at which knowledge is accessed and improved. Continual exposure to criticism and feedback is therefore critical.