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Financial stewardship needs solid economic analysis

Ministries and charities support and give guidance to millions of people. But they often lack access to geopolitical-economic analysis and an independent economic outlook – which can be critical for understanding world events and for strategic planning. Many have been losing resources since the late 1990’s, because they lack macroeconomic understanding & foresight. 

We suggest that international charities and ministries introduce Global Macro Reviews and Currency Management capable of sustaining major crises.

It is our hope that those visiting this site will have a better understanding of world events and trends, so they can discern the times we are living in – and so serve society more effectively. Many of the signs of our time are both economic and geopolitical in nature.  

Better understanding of economic phenomena protects against flawed and extreme predictions

During the Global Financial Crisis of 2007-09 many ministry leaders went on record pointing at the decay of the West and making unfortunately flawed economic statements & predictions. Controversial conspiracy theories were used to explain events that were mainly economic and financial in nature. Predictions like “All the major currencies are about to collapse” were effectively economic impossibilities. They cannot all collapse at the same time without a financial paradigm shift first.

Many ministry and public leaders are still venturing onto complex macroeconomic ground, mixing up personal finances or business savviness with global economics, potentially affecting many families’ finances*. Christian hopes that other professionals in economics and politics will also make some of their know-how available while being honest about their filters and limitations.

* A true case: a German family man in his early 50’s followed an influential Christian ministry leader that predicted the imminent meltdown of currencies and the economy. This family man went on to dissolve his insurances and pension, sold his house, putting all proceeds into gold after the gold price had already doubled. When he heard Christian explain (in 2010) the world economy was in crisis, but that it was unlikely to collapse immediately, he was ‘distressed’ but thankful for the clarification. He put his finances back in order, but had to incur costs and losses.

In uncertain times geopolitical-economic analysis is precious

Remembering the fact that geopolitical and economic events affected the lives of his grandparents before, during and after WW2, Christian would like to make a humble contribution through this site to provide some balanced analysis (only a fraction of his research appears here and time-delayed) for people seeking an independent understanding of world events and trends. It can help reduce anxiety, shield against extreme predictions and make balanced decisions.