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Christian serves the Financial Industry primarily with his analytical gifts and macroeconomic training, providing economic outlooks and strategic advice for decision makers. He endeavors to adapt macroeconomic concepts and data analysis to new realities to boost the accuracy of economic outlooks. This is the no 1 thing society expects from trained economists, specially in times like this, when uncertainty is high and visibility is low. This explains why he has expanded his macroeconomic analysis to include globally relevant geopolitical factors, also Data Analysis methods to deal with the rise of Emerging Markets (Times Series’ transformations) and new concepts like the Macroeconomic Efficiency Ratio (MER).

He serves also by teaching & lecturing on the Far East & Emerging Markets, explaining Macroeconomic and Geopolitical trends.  He has also been building informal networks where people from diverse realms of society (engineers, scientists, military experts, journalists, lawyers, political analysts, foreign relations experts etc) can connect with economists, investment professionals and bankers.  But he also believes in going beyond that and serving the people that work in the industry – his peers. He leads several efforts (initiatives) to support financial professionals and enjoys working and leading behind the scenes for the benefit of the industry as a whole.

He has been coaching investment and financial professionals for many years, accompanying them during difficult and challenging periods. Christian encourages them to foster healthy relationships where feedback is given and desired, also to address the personal sphere first before addressing others’. Relationships in which one can be honest about a shortcoming or problem without being judged for it.

Christian has served at the CFA Institute as volunteer and his efforts encompassed

1) building up the presence of the CFA Society in the region of Lausanne (Lake Geneva). He has handed over this leadership role to a successor
2) promoting and organizing Continued Education seminars to boost professional skills and knowhow of investment professionals in Lake Geneva region
3) initiating and promoting seminars to discuss Conflicts of Interest
4) promoting the introduction of a HOTLINE for the Financial Industry

The initiatives under 3 and 4 have been welcome in Switzerland and other countries

Christian’s experience in over 20 years of coaching financial professionals can be summarized as this ” listening to people without passing judgement on them has a much bigger and lasting impact on them than adding more rules, morals and controls on them. It is amazing how genuine grace and love can touch the hearts of burdened professionals. As people share burdens, forgive others and themselves, gain clarity on their own dreams, they are often naturally motivated to serve clients with passion and integrity”. Exams and controls DO NOT change people, they only influence behavior temporarily and to some extent (via pressure and effort). In dealing with highly skilled but unethical professionals, those measures are even counterproductive and misleading.