Maurizio looks ahead: A wind of reflation to impact the world economy

November 25, 2016

By Maurizio Sanci – 25 November 2016, Geneva – Switzerland.

(editor: Maurizio Sanci is a seasoned investment specialist with a unique blend of “technical & macro charts with investment knowhow”. After following his market research over the past four years, I’ve invited Maurizio to share his personal views on our website. Such excellent thought-provoking research has to be shared openly. I believe investment advisors with an independent mind as our guest specialist, Maurizio, can add a lot of value to critical investors that look for non-consensus views. I remind you that Maurizio’s views are his own and they do not necessarily reflect mine. Christian Takushi MA UZH )

Maurizio Sanci

A wind of reflation is about to impact the world economy

screen-shot-2016-12-03-at-13-41-38Dear Reader,

You shall find below several technical & macro charts that I found interesting during the current month. They represent my personal thoughts and do not necessarily reflects the Macquarie Research view.
The reasons why I published these charts is that I found them eye-catching. This is not  an expression of bullishness or bearishness on economies nor stock markets in an articulated way; it is just data, relationships that can, hopefully, make you think about stock indices and economic trends in a different format.
I hope you’ll find them interesting.
Kind Regards,
Maurizio Sanci
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Caution by the website’s editor: If you are not a qualified investor nor a seasoned professional investors, you should seek professional advice before taking any investment decisions. Everything published on this website should be considered only as an additional independent perspective, and never the sole foundation for an investment or corporate decision. Beware that one and the same analysis normally leads to different investment conclusions in different portfolios. That is, because every investor has a different risk aversion, risk capacity, age, and also a different set of expectations and goals; not to speak of a different portfolio structure. To make balanced investment decisions different and opposed perspectives need to be considered and weighed. Thus, “professional investing” demands proper knowledge of macroeconomics, finance, trading, modern portfolio & risk management. Any behavior contrary to this advice of caution can result in losses the person might not be able to bear. To know what to expect of a professional investment adviser, I suggest to visit the website of the CFA Institute (  

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